“(…) a behaviour in agreement with an own value system causes that we like to speak openly what and how we do things.” Ewa Woydyłło


Brightelligence is a specialist company. It was brought to life as a fruit of love to electronics – programmable device (FPGA) in particular. Long years of trainings, research, technical and personal development led us to this moment, when we are ready to share our knowledge and experiences with you.

The main field of our operation is related to difficult, innovative electronic projects. The harder the issue, the more willing we are to take it. We execute projects from an idea on a napkin to the delivery of mass produced goods to your warehouse. We accept cooperation proposal at any stage till any moment. We can be the main project executor or a SWAT team to fix issues. We adore electronic riddles, which include magical issues (issues that appear in an unpredictable manner) or needle in a haystack (search of issues in a maze of information or distributed systems).


Our engineers are characterized by enormous technical knowledge. However, the communication skills were never abandoned, as we are aware how many values there are behind a true relationship – trust, consequence, keeping the promise, deadlines. Theses values are build over years and can be voided very quickly. In order to achieve a success in a project, many stages have to succeed.

By default, we pass the IP rights to our clients. We wish to tie our client to us by providing high quality services and rapport – not by legal documents.



To achieve success we obey our 6 basic rules, which we developed over many seasons:

  1. There is always only one point of contact to break all communication barriers and reach the common language faster.
  2. We communicate all key pieces of information – we like bringing good news, but even though one may try their best, there is always something that goes wrong; being the bearer of bad news is also our duty, which we fulfill when needed.
  3. We communicate regularly during set, periodic meetings.
  4. We work mainly with PMI methodology (PMBOK guide), however, we enhance it with others, such as Agile, Kanban and more.
  5. The results of our work, we always document thoroughly.
  6. The client’s satisfaction is very important to us.


Anything more?

Our hobby are optimization issues. This topic is fairly important from the software point of view, however, it becomes of vital significance in the topic of programmable devices (CPLD / FPGA). It is here, where the timing closure challenges occur, meeting thermal requirements becomes an issue, satisfying performance figures happens or budget saving can be realized.

Technological progress occurs in every aspect of our lives. It is like never ending story… it keeps moving the boundaries of what is possible further and further… Together with this progress we are constantly trying to deepen our knowledge, to broaden our horizons, to discover the new thing. This is what our engineering titles oblige us to do.

Apart form engineering, from time to time we do research. This is a place where we can develop intellectually, come up with new ideas. Thanks to these experiences, we are not afraid of challenges that lay before us.

Let’s cooperate.